Training your dog with a training collar

Who doesn’t want a perfect dog pet that eats when you ask him to, sit where you want him to and play at the desired time? Making a routine for the dogs is essential to tame them and keep them a home. The dogs who follow the orders and listens to their owners tend to adjust well to the environment, grow old healthy and find the place comfortable to live.

There are many tools that are used to train the dog. One of them is a collar that helps you train your lovely pet dog.

What is a dog training collar?

Multiple brands have launched this product and each one of them claims that they offer the best piece. There are different types of collars. The most popular ones are:

  • Electronic/ shock collar
  • Standard leather collar
  • Halter collar
  • Harness
  • Headcollar

How to use the collar to train the dog?

Both, the electronic and non-electronic collars, have proven their worth in the dog products market. It is considered ideal to start training the puppy so that he learns more at such an early age. Both types of collars require human assistance. You need to be alert while training your dog with the collar.

The first thing to do is wrap the collar around the dog for a week or so. This helps the dog in adjusting to the collar. Early training or shock through the collar alert the dog and he gets to know that the problem lies in this new toy wrapped around his neck. Thus, let the dog become accustomed to the collar. This is especially applicable to the shock collars.

Start the training session after a week or so.

Now, give the dog the command like ‘sit’ or ‘stand’ and see how he responds. On positive response, praise him, give him a tap or reward him by saying ‘good dog’. If the dog doesn’t respond, give a slight stimulating shock to make him focus on your command. The non-electronic collar helps in training the dogs with the jump. It prevents lunging and excessive leash-pulling.

You can easily train shy or discipline wild dogs with the training collars. Teaching the dog some tricks is necessary and this tool is the easiest way to do so.

How to control the bad behavior of the dog using the training collar?

It’s a bit hard to train the dogs that are a bit aggressive or annoying. For these dogs, the electronic collar is the best option. The activities like digging a hole in the backyard or not listening to the command irritate the owner and make it difficult to keep the pet. In such conditions, use the remote to give a slight shock to the collar. Avoid giving the shock for more than 3 seconds as the goal is to train the animal and not injure him.

Whichever collar you use, just make sure you use it with proper planning and approach both polite and strict behavior to train your dog.



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