Grooming your dog

Whatever breed your dog maybe you wouldn’t want to lose him, right? Taking right care of your beloved pet requires determination, patience, and consistency. There are several things about the dog grooming tools and ways that you need to know about before you give your dog a day full of cleaning exercises. The professional dog grooming services are often offered by the firms. These cover full-service grooming and bathing activity. Either you do it yourself and spend a quality bonding time with your pet or get it done by the service providers outside; both options offer the same benefits.

Professional dog grooming service:

Taking your lovely dog to a dog grooming firm will cost you around $30 to $90. Here the firm takes care of your dog’s fur, skin, teeth, nails, eyes, and ears. The service depends on the type of the breed of your dog. It also depends on the behavior, size, and fluffiness of the dog.

How to groom your dog at home?

Your dog, like the daily food schedule and playing time, needs a cleaning appointment with you too. Taking care of the dog requires some pre-knowledge and above all, you need to have a good bonding with him and should know how to calm him down.

Here are the few main things that you need to do while grooming your dog:

1. Take care of the hair/ skin

Both comb and brush are used to manage the dog’s coat. For this, you need to begin from the head and move down to the body combing with care. Where there are any mats or tangles, you can use the brush to work it out. Do comb the dog’s tail and also be polite while combing the belly area of the dog.

2. Keep the eyes clean

The eyes of the dogs vary with their kind. You need to check the eyes for the signs of irritation and discharge. Clean the debris from the corners of the eyes and keep in check the wet tears of your dog’s eyes.

3. Manage ear health

It is advised to clean only the dirt that you see with your bare eyes in the ear. Use an ear cleaning solution and a cotton for this purpose. Use the solution just to slightly wet the cotton piece.

4. Brush the teeth

Ideally, you should brush your dog’s teeth daily. But, this can be tough and your dog might be overwhelmed so give him some time to rest to avoid the bite. Use the dog toothpaste as the human toothpaste can cause fluoride poisoning. Try brushing with your finger first and after few seconds enter the fine/ dog toothbrush to clean the teeth.

5 Clipping the nails

The dog clippers are the best tool for cutting the dog’s nails. While marking the territory, make sure you cut only the clean hard part and not the pink part. The area to be cut nearly measures 1/6 inches. Cutting is important as in an otherwise case, the dog’s nails will grow into the paw pad or twist the toes.









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